Stop Ecocide Ukraine

We call on states, international organizations and institutions to condemn Russia's actions, to help stop environmental crimes, to introduce additional sanctions against the RF, to help in restoration of ecological security of Ukraine and its environment, and to help in renewal of Ukrainian ecosystem during the war and in the post-war period. We call on the United Nations and the UN Security Council to condemn the ecocide committed by Russia by its aggression against Ukraine.

Russia's full-scale invasion to Ukraine resulted in severe environmental destructions. Russia committed military ecocide and by its actions caused mass destruction of animal and plant life, pollution of air and water resources.

In the petition on the с portal, we call on foreign states and international public organizations, eco-activists to help in the fight against the aggressor who commits ecocide, and to direct efforts to the preservation and post-war restoration of Ukraine's environment.

6 000 000 animals

died in Ukraine because of Russia's military aggression

182 880 м2

of soil is polluted with harmful substances

680 618 tons

of petroleum products burned during the shelling, which resulted in significant air pollution

20% of nature

protection areas of Ukraine are affected by the war

Why is this petition important?

The petition on the с website is an effective tool for attracting the attention of the world community, representatives of international organizations and governments to the problem of ecocide, which Russia is committing during the war in Ukraine.

Who submitted this petition?

The text of the petition was developed by professional lawyers and ecologists, and its submission was supported by activists and public organizations. The petition was registered on the с website by Oleksandr Todorchuk, the founder of Ukraine's largest animal protection organization UAnimals, which saves and protects animals during war.

How to sign the petition?

1. Following the link, click Sign the petition.

2. Enter your details and click Sign the petition.

3. Confirm your signature.

In order that your signature was accepted, it is important to confirm it in your mailbox. So the next step you should enter your mail and confirm your signature by clicking on Confirm your signature. Confirmation may not come immediately due to server overload.

4. Tell your friends about the petition.

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Organizations that have already supported

Tell everyone about the Stop Ecocide Ukraine initiative

Together, we must do everything possible to make the world be aware of the environmental crimes that Russia is committing during the war in Ukraine. For this purpose, invite your friends to sign the petition, as well as make publications in social networks with the hashtag #StopEcocideUkraine. In addition, you can make a donation on our website, which will help make the information campaign even more resonant and more effective.